Booking for Great Links and Little Links

Please use the online booking system below to view availability and book your fantastic Devon Yurt Holiday.

Online bookings can only be accepted by selecting the bold start and end dates,  for late availability, offers and alternative arrival and departure dates please use the contact form or give us a call:01822 870366 to discuss your needs.

Please note Great Links sleeps 2 adults and up to 4 children
Little Links sleeps up to 2 adults and 2 children.

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Prices for 2020

Devon Yurt Prices

Short Break Prices for 2020  

2020 Short BreaksLittle LinksGreat Links
27th Mar - 30th£410£420
30th Mar - 3rd Apr£455£475
3rd Apr - 6th Apr£420£430
6th Apr - 10th Apr£455£475
10th Apr - 13th Apr£460£475
13th Apr 17th Apr£455£475
17th Apr - 20th Apr£390£399
20th Apr - 24th Apr£399£420
24th Apr - 27th Apr£390£399
27th Apr - 1st May£399£420
1st May - 4th May£460£475
4th May - 8th May£410£430
8th May - 11th May£410£425
11th May - 15th May£410£430
15th May - 18th May£410£425
18th May - 22nd May£410£430
22nd May - 25th May£475£490
25th May - 29th May£620£630
29th May - 1st Jun£415£435
1st Jun - 5th Jun£415£430
5th Jun - 8th Jun£425£440
8th Jun - 12th Jun£415£430
12th Jun - 15th Jun£425£440
15th Jun- 19th Jun£415£430
19th Jun - 22nd Jun£425£440
22nd Jun - 26th Jun£430£455
26th Jun - 29th Jun£425£440
29th Jun - 3rd Jul£480£510
3rd Jul - 6th Jul£450£465
6th Jul - 10th Jul£530£560
10th Jul - 13th Jul£455£465
13th Jul - 17th Jul£530£560
17th Jul - 20th Jul£475£490
20th Jul - 24th Jul£630£640
24th Jul - 27th Jul£475£490
27th Jul - 31st Jul£630£640
31st Jul - 3rd Aug£475£490
3rd Aug -7th Aug£630£640
7th Aug - 10th Aug£475£490
10th Aug - 14th Aug£630£640
14th Aug - 17th Aug£475£490
17th Aug - 21st Aug£630£640
21st Aug - 24th Aug£475£490
24th Aug - 28th Aug£630£640
28th Aug - 31st Aug£475£490
31st Aug - 4th Sept£610£620
4th Sept - 7th Sept£420£440
7th Sept - 11th Sept£420£430
11th Sep - 14th Sep£410£420
14th Sep - 18th Sep£420£430
18th Sep - 21st Sep£410£420
21st Sep - 25th Sep£420£430
25th Sep - 28th Sep£390£395



Devon Yurt Prices

Weekly Prices for 2020

2020 Weekly start dateLittle LinksGreat Links
27th Mar - 3rd Apr£815£845
3rd Apr - 10th Apr£825£855
10th Apr - 17th Apr£865£899
17th Apr - 24th Apr£748£769
24th Apr - 1st May£748£769
1st May - 8th May£820£855
8th May - 15th May£770£805
15th May - 22nd May£770£805
22nd May - 29th May£975£995
29th May - 5th Jun£780£815
5th Jun - 12th Jun£790£820
12th Jun - 19th Jun£790£820
19th Jun - 26th Jun£805£845
26th Jun - 3rd Jul£855£899
3rd Jul - 10th Jul£930£975
10th Jul - 17th Jul£935£975
17th Jul - 24th Jul£975£995
24th Jul - 31st Jul£975£995
31st Jul - 7th Aug£975£995
7th Aug - 14th Aug£975£995
14th Aug - 21st Aug£975£995
21st Aug - 28th Aug£975£995
28th Aug - 4th Sep£975£995
4th Sep - 11th Sep£790£820
11th Sep - 18th Sep£780£799
18th Sep - 25th Sep£780£799


  • All prices for our Devon yurts are based on two adults sharing a yurt with up to 4 children in Great Links and up to 2 children in Little Links.
  • We require a deposit of 30% to secure a booking, with the remainder due 8 weeks prior to arrival.
  • Devon Yurt check is after 4 pm and check out by 10 am
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