It’s Apple Pressing Time…..

5 Oct 2020 | The Farm

Julia Martin holding Silver Tourism Award

With the arrival of Storm Francis at the end of August many of our gorgeous apples were blown from the trees,  we quickly collected them and placed them carefully in trays for storage and set about picking the remaining apples on the trees.  The apple trees here at Borough Farm are of old Tamar Valley varieties and as such, have amazing flavours.  There are a mixture of varieties from sweet firm small green to harder red apples and in the top orchard a cider variety, plus more of a bramley type.  Normally,  we would take the apples to our neighbouring cider maker at Felldown head,  however,  because of this year’s closures,  they are not in need of making any more cider for their stocks this season,  so a new apple juicer was sought.  This was found in the form of the lovely Adrian at Rame head orchards who agreed to press our apples for us.

We collected the juice last week and are delighted to announce that it is exceptional – clear beautiful nectar !  – so to finish,  we just need to design the labels and store for the winter so the bottles are ready for you to enjoy when you visit us here at Borough Farm.

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