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16 Aug 2015 | The Farm

It must be a sign of the times that now I tend to put photos up on Facebook rather than writing on this blog so please do look at our Devon yurt Facebook page to see what is going on ! we have been so busy here at Devon yurt in what is turning out to be our best season ever and it could not come at a more important time for us.  The last stages of the granary were completed last week and it is really wonderful – so pleased with it,  it has been years in the making with Trevor and Daniel our builders and Dave the plumber and Waltie the electrician and Steve the carpenter for the doors and Jack my eldest son for his art work,  granny for her wonderful advice and Oscar my youngest and cousin Ben who helped with painting,  have all had a valuable input

The garden has produced some of the most amazing veg and we won best carrots and best vegetables in the show at last weekends Kelly village show 🙂  I also won with my hydrangeas so that was great too –  it is the Milton Abbot show in early September so hopefully we will have a good run there too – the ponies have been coming back into training after a few weeks of lighter work – there are a few late summer pony shows coming up and it is Chagford this week so will be heading out with power for that – some jump training to be done this week and i will show him in his single bit and see how he goes then – it will be a good learning experience anyway for us both.

This week Mark and Kelly and the children are back for the third summer in a row,  they said as they drove into the farmyard on Friday that they felt like they had come ‘home’ and they are very happy with that,  it is so lovely to see them !  Last week Harry and his family came back after such a great holiday last year in litttle links – this year they stayed in great links and really enjoyed the space that it offered.  Next Friday more guests from last year arrive back,  it is so lovely to see the families enjoying the countryside and good wholesome family activities 🙂

Today it is time to lift the potatoes in the yard,  my little helper Joshua will be giving me a hand,  the onions are drying in the yard and the hydrangeas and gladioli are looking amazing – there are bowls of eggs,  and vegetables in the fridge for guests to buy and we are all enjoying the tasty organic produce – we have had so many meals here this summer that we have produced completely from this 18 acres of farmland,  with our own lamb and pork now there are lots of meals that we can make,  today a shepherd pie 🙂

This week it is time to rid the farm of all the dock weeds which are close to going to seed,  we will pop them all into the trailer and send them off to the recycling centre so they are off site !  the delphiniums which granny has grown on in her green house are being potted out into our beds which will add a splash of colour in the front beds and this week debs and I will do a photo shoot for our August flowers,  we have diligently taken photos once a month since January to make a year of garden flowers – all the paths have been weeded and are looking tidy and the mower is at last repaired so no more need to borrow grannies one which makes things a lot easier,  also we can pick up the grass which leaves everything much tidier

The chickens are producing so many eggs now,  they have had some medical treatment and are feeling much better now I believe. Time now to sell some more of the call ducks,  I will need to establish their sex,  apparently if you pick up the girls and they quack they are girls 🙂 All going well I will take some to Hatherleigh this week – it will give me a chance to get some more plants for the garden too

Right,  that is enough of me writing and now time to get busy on my day or none of this will be done !

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