Another changeable day with the weather,  the snowdrops have been up for several weeks now in the woods,  but now the daffodils and tulips are pushing through and due to the mild weather the iris’s by the back door have already bloomed and are now fading.  We have given the Devon and Cornwall longwool flock the freedom of roaming the front paddock and gardens for the past few weeks,  but keeping an eye on the devastation they could cause, its inevitability was too much to risk so this morning we popped them back into their field.

With their bellies now getting quite round with their lambs inside it is time to sort out the lambing shed,  so this weekend that is just what we will be doing.  The Zwartble flock will be coming back from their winter pasture this weekend too so that we can keep a closer eye on them over the lambing period so we will have two separate sheds and two turn out paddocks for the daytime ready for the last few weeks of their pregnancy.

The eight little lambs from last year have now got their registration certificates,  they are very happy in their barn munching down on the hay and seem to be teasing the ewes on the other side of the fence as they do not currently have that luxury.  We collected another trailer of hay this week and we seem to be getting through a lot of fodder at the moment,  hopefully,  with the warmer temperatures though we will soon see the grass growing and the ground hardening up.

Bookings are now coming in for the 2016 season and it is good to see friends returning to Borough so if you are planning to come back this year,  give us a call so that we can hold your week for you !  We hope to see you again soon.

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