New Outdoor Shower For Great Links Yurt

12 Apr 2019 | General News

Julia Martin holding Silver Tourism Award

We have busy over the winter period creating an exciting new feature here at Devon Yurt. For the 2019 Season we have added a fantastic outdoor shower and flushing loo facility for Great Links yurt.  Even better than that is that we have used reclaimed and salvaged materials to create it.  Old belfast sinks have been used for both the washing up area and the shower base,  a beautiful vintage toilet and flushing system with a lovely old pull chain ! Locally sourced feather board makes an attractive feature for the exterior walls and the interior wall was created with reused boarding from an old barn. The door came from our previous farmhouse refurbishments and even the hinges and door furniture were reclaimed items. Old sheets of galvanised tin make a great back drop for the rain head shower and makes a great roof for the loo too !  Our lovely builders Dan and Trevor even made the stand for the belfast sink from timber reclaimed from one of our barn refurbishments.  This is a big step up from our previous tented compost loo.  This makes Great Links independent of the shower barn back in the farm yard but they are welcome to use this facility too should they wish.

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