Picking pumpkins and sweetcorn

27 Sep 2015 | General News

Wow !  I cannot imagine a more beautiful autumnal weekend in Devon to end our season with,  the daytime skies have been blue blue blue and the night skies filled with what is a near full moon and wonderful stars,  a light breeze today and next to no wind on friday and Saturday.  Our last guests leave in the morning and that too promises to be a wonderfully misty one.  By tomorrow afternoon we will have begun dismantling the inside of Great Links and packing away for the winter.  It is always a sad time packing everything away for the winter but also a time which brings wonderful memories of all our guests that have come through our farm gates this year of course it also signifies to me the true end of the summer.

This afternoon the children and I picked pumpkins and sweetcorn and runner beans in the garden and then scar and petal and i had a lovely walk down into the valley collecting a large bowl full of blackberries.  Tonight there is an eclipse at around 3 am and I am going to set my alarm for it. if the skies remain clear it should be quite a spectacle.

With the coming autumn comes the attention to the sheep and getting them ready to meet the ram,  we have two rams to sell and Mr Fluffy has started sprouting his horns again having torn them off when he was younger,  I see that one is turning into his head so will need to be removed before it hurts him.  The lambs and ewes will need trimming around their bottoms before the winter sets in but we have decided not to shear them completely as the nights are now too cold.  They will be looking forward to re claiming the long barn as their own to shelter from the colder weather.

Lets hope the weather remains dry for the next few weeks whilst we pack everything away and get the farm sorted for the coming winter.

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