South West Tourism Excellence – Devon Yurt is a winner !

19 Feb 2019 | Awards

Julia Martin holding Silver Tourism Award

Devon Yurt were invited to the 2019 South West Tourism Excellence  Awards in Bristol earlier this month and we were delighted and very proud to receive a Bronze Award,  this was the first time we had entered for these awards and we have learnt so much from the process and also receive wonderful comments.  Our visiting judge said of us,  “The silence was magical, I could imagine arriving at this site and not leaving until the holiday ended “.  It was great to be part of such a wonderful evening showcasing the very best of the tourism industry here in the South West of England.  The visiting speaker Bonita Norris,  said that it takes bravery to put yourself forwards for an award of this kind and businesses should be proud of not only having put themselves forward for close inspection,  but having come out on top as award winners.  She went on to say, building a top quality business is like climbing Everest,  a series of small steps which lead to a massive achievement.  These comments were well received by the award winners listening to her comments seated underneath concorde at British Aerospace.  We couldn’t be more proud of our team here at Borough Farm.  We love what we do and we love to please.

“Julia and her staff are very attentive – nothing is too much trouble”

Dartmoor stretches before you

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