Visit Number 3 ! – Just love coming back to Little Links ! So many changes to see, dressing gowns, beer and chocolate, remote control candles,  another hen house….  So lovely to see Julia and Andrew who always go above and beyond to make us feel at home. We had the privilege of being here when the new foal was born which made it an extra special visit.  Loved feeding the lambs ( and naming them Marley and Mable) …  the baby chickens ‘wow’ I could watch them for hours and hours !  James had a slice of the ‘rainy day cake” ( I was still full from dinner) and really enjoyed it – thank you !  we had a lovely day at Bude and went to the local otter sanctuary which is well worth a visit.  We ended our holiday in the hot tub – which got that hot I had to get our !  Glad we did tit !  Andrew makes the best pancakes ever !!!!  Love the place so much,  we will be back and hopefully to better weather next time.  It has gone so quick we really don’t want to go home !  Thank you and see you soon !