Tiffany’s foal is born !

20 Jun 2019 | The Horses

Julia Martin holding Silver Tourism Award

In the early hours of Sunday the 16th of June,  Tiffany,  our much loved Connemara mare gave birth to a beautiful black colt who we have named “tor” after the Dartmoor Tors our farm looks onto,  another lovely link to his name is that his sire Kippure Lancelot is named after a mountain in Ireland where he was born !   Our guests staying over the weekend were delighted to see the new born foal in the stable on Sunday morning as his arrival was much anticipated.  Unfortunately,  Tor,  had a wobbly first few days as his blood tests revealed low blood counts,  he had two days of plasma infusions before he was strong enough to trot out into the paddock with his mum Tiffany.  Tor has gone from strength to strength since those first few worrying days and now appears to be fighting fit.  Our guests are besotted with him and adore watching him play in the paddock. 

Dartmoor stretches before you

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